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WAF Support


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Web Application Firewall (WAF) Notice

A Web Application  Firewall (WAF) helps to protect your web enabled applications and keeps your data safe. 

Only on rare occasions will your access to an application page be rejected due to the intervention of the WAF.

How you should proceed if your access to application page is rejected due to WAF:

The following error message will appear :   403- Forbidden : access is denied.

If this happens please contact the application Support Team at and provide them with the following 2 pieces of information:(marked in the image below)

  1. Web address link for the application page error message.
  2. The incident id which is shown in the error message.

Allianz - waf

Upon receipt of the above information, the Support Team will take the necessary steps to immediately unblock your access – within team working hours we target resolution within one hour.